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Prayerhub Bulletin 16th March 2018

From Rev Ken Fitzsimmons


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Spring is here!

Just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking “It’s March already! What happened to the New Year? Time seems to be flying past at increasing speed!”

Then I sensed the Holy Spirit leading me to the words in 2 Samuel 11: 1

In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.

I remembered reading somewhere that March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war, and that March was originally the first month of the Roman year (hence September = 7th month etc). In the ancient world, after winter was over and the weather improved, military campaigns were renewed.

The first thing I felt the Holy Spirit was saying was that because King David did not go out to war, he was not acting in alignment with his calling and anointing as King and was out of the will of God. Although it may have seemed a safer place, what happened next turned David’s world upside down. The scripture continues:

One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful, and David sent someone to find out about her. The man said, “She is Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” Then David sent messengers to get her. She came to him, and he slept with her. (Now she was purifying herself from her monthly uncleanness.) Then she went back home. The woman conceived and sent word to David, saying, “I am pregnant.”

David would have been much safer out on the battlefield!

The Lord was showing me that we must remain aligned to our calling and commission as Christians and not allow compromise. Otherwise, the enemy can lead us into sin. Staying close to our heavenly Father and his will is the safest place of all, even in the midst of battle. For David, failing to be aligned to God’s will led to adultery, murder and the grief over the death of his new born son. All for one mistake.

I believe the Lord is also saying that we are now in the season for war, war against enemy and his works. As scripture says:

‘The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the work of the devil.’

(1 John 3: 8)

I sensed the Lord is giving us a prophetic word for this season and saying that:

‘It is the time for war, war against the enemy. I will fight for you and with you against your enemies

  • Together, we will drive back the forces that surround you.
  • We will drive out the enemy that has intruded into you.
  • We will breakdown every stronghold built in you and your household by the world, the flesh and the devil.
  • We will demolish every argument in you that sets itself up against Me and My Word.
  • You will increasingly be equipped with weapons of righteousness in your right hand and your left.
  • You are covered and protected by the Blood of Jesus and His Name is the SHOUT that crushes the enemy.
  • In all of this, you partner with Me by RESTING in Me and not by striving.
  • Praise of My Name will rise in you.’

You may identify some of the situations described in those words as relating to you, your family or your circumstances. If so, be encouraged. The Lord is on your case! Let us embrace his message to us.

There have been a number of prophecies spoken at the beginning of the year relating to 2018. Many of them have a common theme: we are about to see some shaking of the nations and the church as God moves to assert his sovereignty over the world. He is El-Shaddai, Almighty God and there is none like him. May we seek his face at this time in history and be sure that we are in line with his plans and purposes as we move ever closer to the return of Jesus, our Lord and King.



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Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.


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