from Rev Ken Fitzsimmons


Dear Friends,


We are of course still in a time of winter darkness (No, I’m not talking about the Brexit debate!) as the sun is still low in the sky. At the winter solstice on December 21st, the sun ‘stood still’ at its lowest and, though the days are beginning to get longer, we don’t see much substantial change until the end of January. That’s what ‘solstice’ means: ‘standing still’. Genesis 1 v14 tells us that God put the sun, moon and stars in the sky to “serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years”. I sense that The Lord is telling us that he has ‘come down low’ to meet with us at this time and he is calling us to spend this month as a time of closeness to him, a time of intimacy and fellowship to lay the right foundation for the rest of the year. He is saying:

“Whatever chaos and confusion is swirling round in the world about you, whatever you may hear from the media and the various organisations that want to influence your thinking, whatever personal issues are crowding your minds, come to me and know that I am God. Rest in me. Put aside your anxieties and learn to trust me. Spend time with me and let us just share each other’s company and conversation. I already know the things that concern you in the depths of your heart so let me share with you what is in mine. Let me bring revelation to you, let me enable you to think as see what I see. Let me sow seeds into your heart that will bear fruit in the months that follow. You will see the fulfilment of words and prophecies spoken over you, even from many years ago, and you will be amazed and filled with great joy. Come away and stand still with me”

It is as though this month is to be a time of intimacy such as brings about the conception of a child. Then the months that follow will see the resultant fruit grow in us and come to birth – but only if we ‘come away’ with him in this time of opportunity.

I remember when I was younger that, if you were waiting for a train at a railway station, a bell would ring. That told you the train was about to arrive, even though you couldn’t see it yet. People waiting for that train would turn their attention from what they were doing, get up from their seats, come out of the waiting room and move forward on the platform to be ready to board. Heaven is ringing the bell. What we have waited for in hope and expectation is very close.

Our God is Almighty God and he holds our lives and the life of our nation in his hand. If we cannot trust such a God, who can we trust?

If you, like us, are longing to see breakthrough in 2019 - the year in which we experience what we have hoped for and prayed for over years, then maybe this word is for you. Pray about it and see how it sits in your heart and do not miss this special offer from our Lord and Saviour. Let his Spirit dwell in you richly.

We continue to meet on Wednesdays and there is an open prayer meeting at noon from 12 to 1/1.30. Our activities are meant to be flexible and we continue to minister away from the hub on other days of the week in the places where God has placed us at this time. We can also meet with people by arrangement apart from Wednesday lunchtimes, either at the hub in Bacup, or elsewhere by arrangement.

We continue to give thanks and praise to our Lord who is bringing on the vision of the Prayerhub he first began to unfold over 10 years ago. We have seen, throughout that time, his perfect timing in operation on many occasions. It continues today and there is more to come!


Current information about our meetings and events may be found at www.prayerhub.org.uk.    If you wish to contact us, that may be by email through the website, or by phone.  Landline and mobile numbers are 01706 534382 and 075 999 85836.  Since the office is only staffed part-time, you may not get an immediate reply on the landline and messages may not be picked up for several days.  The mobile number usually gets you through to us more quickly.  You can also contact us by email via the website at the ‘Contact us’ tab.
If you would like a leaflet about the Prayerhub, please contact us by phone, email or post.  The address is 7-9 Irwell Terrace, Bacup, OL13 9AW.
Thank you for your prayers.
God bless you.

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