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Dear Friends, 

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to continue to receive the Prayerhub Newsletter. There’s just a little more data protection stuff before we resume ‘normal business’.

We have issued a Data Privacy Notice which tells you everything (I hope) you have a right to know under the law about what we do with the information we store about those who have any connection with the Prayerhub (including newsletter subscribers) and how we protect it. This is all outlined in our ‘Data Privacy Notice’, which is attached to this email. Please download the document and read it and if you have any questions or comment, please contact us. The ‘Data Privacy Notice’ has also been posted on our website.


We give thanks to the Lord for the way He continues to meet with us in our times of prayer and worship and the revelation he brings to us. We are also blessed in the way the Lord has taken us into a variety of situations, to minister to others. These include ministry among young people in Bacup along with the local church, distribution of Hebrew Scriptures amongst Jewish people in Manchester, work in the Aroma café church in Accrington and, of course, Eunice’s work through Shekinah Ministries in Zimbabwe. Please pray for Eunice as she prepares to return to Zimbabwe in June to continue laying foundations for future work there among orphans. And we thank God for the connections God has given Eunice with others in Southern Africa and the encouragement that has brought. We still have difficulty in opening a bank account here in the UK for Friends of Shekinah (formed to raise funds for the work). Some of the problem seems to be the UK banks requirement to identify a bank in Zimbabwe through which we are working. They don’t seem to be aware that the banking system in Zimbabwe is broken and dysfunctional and we have to use other means to transfer funds. Please pray with us for breakthrough in this area so that funding can be sent to Shekinah Ministries.


Current information about our meetings and events may be found at   If you wish to contact us, that may be by email through the website, or by phone. Landline and mobile numbers are 01706 534382 and 075 999 85836. Since the office is only staffed part-time, you may not get an immediate reply on the landline and messages may not be picked up for several days. The mobile number usually gets you through to us more quickly. You can also contact us by email via the website at the ‘Contact us’ tab.

If you would like a leaflet about the Prayerhub, please contact us by phone, email or post. The address is 7-9 Irwell Terrace, Bacup, OL13 9AW.

Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.


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