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This edition of the Prayerhub Newsletter is devoted mainly to the Shekinah Orphanage and School in Zimbabwe, a completely new venture which the Lord is calling into being.

We can now report that the project is officially underway! Eunice, who is heading up the work, has returned from her recent trip to Zimbabwe having accomplished, in the Lord’s strength, all that he gave her to do during the visit. She arrived in Zimbabwe still not having the finance to put down the deposit for the land that God had given her a picture of last autumn. But through a miracle of his provision, the money was made available and the deposit paid. All legal documents have been signed and approved. Also, early in June, a ‘Ground Breaking Ceremony’ was held which launched the project officially and means that it has the approval of all the necessary authorities, local and national. If you click on the link below, you can read a report published in the Zimbabwe Daily Mirror which tells some of the story. This will also have been read by many in Zimbabwe.

Finally, before she returned home later in June, Eunice arranged for the land to be pegged out and the boundaries marked. Again, God made miraculous provision of the finance needed to cover this cost. We all praise God for all his provision and for the gift of faith he gave to Eunice as she dealt with all the challenges on the front line of the project. Eunice has also asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported her in prayer and to those who have contributed financially to the project. Several times during her last trip to Zimbabwe she reported feeling strengthened by the prayers of others.

I don’t believe we can overestimate the significance of the Shekinah Ministries Orphanage and School. Conservative statistics indicate that 20% of children in Zimbabwe are orphaned. Some put it much higher. It is a nation that has been broken over the years through the failures of its political leaders. Shunned and forgotten by other nations, God has never forgotten its people and the prayers of the church in Zimbabwe are being answered. We believe at the Prayerhub that what God is doing through Shekinah Ministries is a breakthrough in that nation which will, in due course, have a powerful ripple effect across the land. It is only twelve months since Eunice travelled there with another purpose in mind, but God laid this call very powerfully on her heart. She has followed his call and leading and an amazing amount has been achieved.

Back in the UK now for her daughter’s wedding and the graduations of two of her sons, she is already praying, thinking and planning for the next trip, probably at the end of August. She is hoping to acquire a van which can be shipped out filled with items to take for the children she is already sponsoring. She is also hoping to acquire a marquee, which could be the first ‘building’ to go up on the site and which will be a meeting place and a place for worship. The Lord has already shown her that the first building should be a church, as worship and teaching about Jesus is at the core of the project. Then will follow some orphan houses, the school and accommodation for pupils. The land is large enough in area to support farming and agriculture to provide food for the children and their carers. Solar panels will provide electricity and even bricks for construction will be made on site with brick making machines. This will also help to bring wealth into the Mburu village area close by.

As she is one of the Prayerhub team, we continue to support Eunice in this adventure for the Kingdom and we invite you to share in that support.   Please pray for Eunice and the other board members of Shekinah Ministries, that they may have wisdom and courage and always know the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding them in every way. Please pray for all local politicians and others in authority that the project will find great favour amongst the people of Mburu and the whole province. Please also pray for favour among the national politicians in Zimbabwe. Please pray for provision, including willing and committed volunteers, materials and finance. If you wish to give financially, this can still be done through the Prayerhub. Make any cheques payable to ‘Prayerhub’ and mark them on the back ‘Shekinah Ministries’. 100% of what you give will go straight to the project. In due course, a separate account will be set up in the UK for giving.

A website is being set up, and this will enable you to track progress and give directly. It is not yet operational, so please keep trying until it is (hopefully in the next four weeks:

There is also a facebook page:   ‘friends of shekinah ministries’

Above all, give thanks to the Lord, for all the glory for the Shekinah Ministries Orphanage and School belongs to him.

Other members of the Prayerhub team continue to be used by the Lord in various situations and we are blessed to see his work done through the Prayerhub, transforming peoples’ lives. We thank you all for your participation in prayer with our ministry. Our main prayer meeting, on Tuesday evenings, is a time when we seek God’s face and worship him. He is the source of everything we are and do. We also meet on Wednesday lunchtimes to pray.

Thank you for your prayers.


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