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Prayerhub logoThe idea of the Prayerhub came from a picture given by the Holy Spirit of a spoked wheel lying on its side with the axle going vertically up to the source of power and that power transmitted
through the hub out along every spoke to the rim.

It was evident that the hub is the act of prayer and the source of power heaven.
The spokes are the ministries of the church reaching out to the rim in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Without prayer at the hub of every church, how will we know the will of the Father,
how will the power of the Holy Spirit flow into and through the life of the church?

It is our heart's desire to see revival - for many individuals to come to Christ, for many to be
healed and for there to be healing of relationships and families throughout our community.

Only God can do this and we pray for a mighty outpouring of his Holy Spirit.

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